In an increasingly complex and demanding environment, it is important for companies to focus on the most important element in a business relationship: the CUSTOMER and its organization.The customer is the reason the business exists. Success in business is measured by how the business relationship has led to customer satisfaction.

At SLI, we aim to ensure that our customers' needs are met responsively. We are aware that customers expect us to adapt to the dynamic and ever shifting demands of the market place. The challenge for SLI is to maintain uncompromising high product standards in a corporate culture that promotes flexibility, pro-activity, dynamism, and innovation.


We abide by the ideal of our founder to manufacture effective and efficacious high quality pharmaceutical products that doctors can CONFIDENTLY prescribe to their patients and families.

We are steadfast in our pursuit to manufacture our products swiftly without compromising quality.

We are dedicated to ensure customer satisfaction from the receipt of purchase to the final delivery of the product.

We guarantee the efficacy of the product throughout its shelf- life.

We are committed to be your preferred pharmaceutical toll manufacturer.

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